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Pittsburgh’s Top 5 Granite Kitchen Countertops This Summer

The People Around Pittsburgh Have Spoken:

Here Are the Top 5 Granite Kitchen Countertops This Summer

Dreaming of a home renovation with elegant designs and sleek lines? Or a rustic farmhouse with southern charm and modern accents? Summer is the perfect time to get your kitchen project started and we have the top 5 granite countertops to help guide you along the way. These countertops, each unique and timeless in their own way, will transform your Pennsylvanian kitchen into the dream house you have been waiting for.

White Spring

White Spring Granite Kitchen Countertop

The variety of neutral colors in our White Spring granite is the perfect match for any style home. The beige undertone with vibrant brown veins and speckles of black combine into a wonderful collage that will bring warmth into the room. Guests will quickly feel a sense of home and belonging upon entering your beautifully updated Pittsburgh kitchen.

Fantasy Brown

Fantasy Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop

The flowing pattern and contrast in  Fantasy Brown brings immediate attention to the eye. The swirling details between the dark black and light grey adds a creamy finish to the overall appearance. Piece this slab with vibrant décor to highlight the beauty of the contrasting colors, or let this countertop take center stage as its own stunning piece of art. Your kitchen will definitely be the favorite spot in the house with this granite!

Blue Dunes

Blue Dunes Granite Kitchen Countertop

Blue Dunes is a great example of a subtle way to bring color into the kitchen. Despite its name, the light blue accent underneath the dark-colored veins is soft and neutral. Your guests will immediately notice a unique display of color in the room without being overpowering.

Tip: Style this countertop with stunning white cabinets to really accentuate the blue undertones in the granite.

Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico Granite Kitchen Countertop

If you like texture, then you will love Bianco Antico. Spectators are drawn to this granite countertop, as it provides a neutral tan palette with unique veins that instantly spark interest. The outstanding visual texture brings a rustic feel to your kitchen, helping to add personality and flair to the home. This color pairs well with light or dark cabinetry, too!

White Sands

White Sands Granite Kitchen Countertop

As white interiors have become one of the newest trends found within American homes, it is easy to understand why the White Sands granite countertop is so popular. It appears different from other granites with its sharp-cutting specks in exchange for the typical veiny look you see. Try this granite in a modern home to emphasize a light contrast in the room. This countertop will always remain a classic!

Granite is one of the most popular countertops found within homes and it is easy to see why. Not only does the material showcase a natural and effortless look, but it is highly durable, which is great for use in the kitchen. Stop worrying about spills or heated appliances, because granite can stand up to resilient bacteria and high temperatures. Properly sealed granite also not only enhances its overall appeal but helps prevent any damages such as cracking, staining, or scratching from occuring.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area (including Altoona, Ashburn, Harrisburg and Bedford) be sure to check out the live inventory feature on our website – these top 5 granite countertops are going quick and we want to make sure you get the product you deserve!

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