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Easy Renovations to Tackle On The Weekend

With a busy schedule, it may seem like you will never check off the home improvements on your to-do list. Don’t worry, we have gathered 5 simple and quick home renovations that, with proper planning, you could tackle in just one weekend!

Weekend Kitchen Renovation

Now, we aren’t saying to completely gut your kitchen and install new countertops and backsplash in one weekend, but you can take on small improvements that make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen! The key to a successful weekend kitchen renovation is to take invenotry of all your kitchen storage areas during the week before. Could you possibly rearrange items more stratigically in your drawers, cabinets, or pantry? Once the weekend arrives, take your findings and buy the proper drawer inserts and baskets that you need to improve your current setup. You can easily install everything in a timely manner over the weekend. You can even add a spice rack or a hidden bin in a cabinet if you find the extra time!

Weekend Bathroom Renovation

Small weekend renovations in the bathroom can truly give this space an entire new feel. You’ll be amazed by what a difference it can make! If your bathroom is needing a little TLC, it won’t take long to deep clean the soap scum and other product residues off the countertops, tiles and shower screen. After, take another look at your clean shower and see if the tiles need some re-grouting. You can tackle this job a section at a time, taking no longer than a couple of weekends.

Entry Door Renovation

Painting your entry door may take some prep time but this is one of the easiest ways to transform your home and up your curb appeal. To get started you will want to remove the hardware and sand the door trim, by taking your time during this step in the process it will imporve the outcome tremendously. We recommend painting the door earlier in the day, so it has time to dry and you can reattach the door hardware for the night. You will repeat this step the next day, and by the time night comes again, your home will have a newly painted front door!

Create a Feature Wall in Your Home

A feature wall is a great way to get creative and add some color into a room. This weekend renovation can be done in just a day or two, and deliver an impressive visual impact. With feature walls, you don’t have to stay within the neutrals, as long as the color or pattern you decide on fits the overall decor of the space, you are in the clear! A feature wall is more about creating a unique visual – it’s a part of the room but also a decor item itself. So let your style loose with a bold paint color, mural or wallpaper!

Backyard Renovations

The backyard may seem too big to take on in just a weekend when you look at as a whole. But, if you break it down, there a serveral smaller renovations that you can handle in a short period! One simply is to install some new planter pots to liven up the patio. Another is upgrading your outdoor living furniture, possibly new chair cushions or table set. Lastly you could plant some new plants or develop a veggie garden if you have a green thumb!

Always remember to plan and manage your time wisely when taking on a renovation big or small. Try not to take on too much at one time and end up with an unfinished project or dig yourself in over your head. Remind yourself that you only have a weekend to finish these renovation, unless you decide on a larger project. No matter which one you choose though, always give yourself some time to clean up after all your hard work! This way you can enjoy the new organization or visuals around your home and pat yourself on the back for getting the job done!

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