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The Best Countertop Edges

Choosing The Best Edge Profile For Your New Countertops

Once you’ve chosen the countertop material, color and design for your space, the edge profile is the most important decision left to take. This detail is often overlooked and many Pennsylvania homeowners wish they had spent more time considering their options.

Your countertop itself, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, is constantly being seen and touched so it’s important to consider the impact your countertop edge will have on the aesthetics of your space. To define your new granite or quartz countertops and the overall look of your space, we’ve created a guide showcasing the various edge design options we offer and helping you understand how to complement the style you’re aiming for.

Standard Countertop Edges

Eased Edge

The eased edge countertop features a squared edge with “softened” corners. As part of our standard edge collection, an eased countertop edge is a great option if you’re searching for something that is simple and does not distract from other design elements you want to highlight in your space. This option can complement any style and is the most common for quartz countertops and natural stone countertops in general.

BC Stone white kitchen countertops with different edge profiles

Beveled Edge

The beveled edge countertop has a simple design that features an angled edge at the top of the corner. If you want a clean and contemporary look, this edge option is something to consider for your quartz countertops Pittsburgh.

Bullnose Edge

One of the most popular options from our standard edge collection, the bullnose edge countertop features a rounded edge that gives a soft touch to any design. The full-bullnose is a timeless classic and is a great choice for spaces with young children since the countertop will not have any sharp edges or corners. 

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Premium Countertop Edges

Super White Quartzite with Large Ogee Edge From Home Bunch
Super White Quartzite with Large Ogee Edge From Home Bunch

Ogee Edge

The ogee edge countertop has a dramatic, elegant look that goes well with traditional style kitchens. Featuring a large concave radius, this countertop edge profile has a flowing design and is part of our Level 1 Edges. Also known as a double ogee edge or large ogee, this edge profile is sure to stand out. This edge profile is best suited for natural stone like marble or granite countertops Pittsburgh.

Mitered Edge

The mitered edge countertop has grown in popularity over the years especially among designers. It features 2 countertop pieces cut at a 45 degree angle and glued together creating a seamless modern look. It also gives a thicker appearance to the countertop. 

Rock Edge

Also known as a chiseled edge profile, our rock edge exposes the raw stone and gives your countertop a unique, more natural appearance. This rustic edge is perfect for natural stones like granite countertops as it enhances its raw beauty and highlights its unique details.

What Countertop Edge Will You Choose?

Eased edge, Bevel, Bullnose…there’s a lot to choose from! We recommend evaluating your kitchen or bath style and deciding which will pair best. Not sure what style you’re wanting? Our countertop and design experts at BC Stone are more than ready to help you select the countertop edge that fits your lifestyle best. We are the leading countertop fabricator with over 30 years in the stone industry and service all areas through the states of PA, OH, WV, VA, MD, NY, TN, NC, KY (across the I-81 corridor). 

We offer special countertop financing to help you get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Whether you’re embarking on a complete kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel Pittsburgh, let us help you get a material that won’t disappoint. Contact us or visit one of our locations in Everett, Pennsylvania, Salem, Virginia, or Fisherville, Virginia

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