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Traditional, Transitional, & Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Pittsburgh Kitchen Remodeling: Traditional, Transitional, & Contemporary Style Designs

Pittsburgh kitchen remodeling experts are here to give you major insight on the top 3 kitchen design styles that are taking over in 2019! Is your kitchen past due? Is your home in dire need of a makeover? Or maybe you’re simply dreaming about making improvements but don’t know where to start, no worries! We are here to tell you all you need to know on the three main kitchen designs that you should learn about if you are considering a remodel this season. These styles consist of traditional, transitional, and contemporary. So, follow along with the Pittsburgh kitchen remodeling professionals to learn about these styles and see which you like the best for your home!

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Traditional Kitchen Design

The traditional homestyle design is inspired by the past. However, that does not mean a traditional home must look outdated. Its the more classic approach to interior design which will never go out of style! This kind of design perfectly combines functionality and practicality with impressive elegance & luxurious comfort. Every time you walk in a home that has been both remodeled & styled traditionally, you’ll immediately feel right at home. The warmth, perfect balance, & symmetry will make anybody feel welcome. The traditional kitchen design typically uses rich wood tones such as walnut, oak, and cherry. Wood tones look best when they are paired with decorative elements.

This is because together they make a really nice, graceful, and soft statement. If you are looking for a sophisticated and classy look then heavy trim and ornate crown moldings would complete the look. You can also find range hoods & legs, apron front sinks, and beautiful countertops to compliment the traditional kitchen design in your home. Granite stone makes a wonderful countertop that will look astounding with this particular design. Granite is a natural stone that comes in a large variety of designs so you will never have to worry about settling for the one you don’t like. Get the calming, cozy, and comfortable ambiance you’ve always wanted with the traditional kitchen design!

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Transitional Kitchen Design

The transitional kitchen design is one that is neutral, serene, and warm. It’s a beautiful combination of contemporary simplicity and traditional sophistication all while being minimal and luxurious, which creates a tranquil home. You can say it’s like a streamlined space with warmth and comfort. This style of design is not one that is overly extravagant or too formal, it’s truly the perfect mix. For instance, the transitional kitchen design may combine simplistic hardware with paneled cabinetry.

You may also look into pairing beautiful stainless steel appliances with light or dark quartz countertops for a beautiful finish. This style is about finding the right mix of classic & new! With the transitional style design, you get the best of both worlds which is why the Pittsburgh kitchen remodeling pros love it! The color palette used for this kitchen design is usually neutral and inviting. It also involves beautiful discreet patterns creating a peaceful ambiance. Consider using a mix of matte & polished finishes with leather furniture.

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Contemporary Kitchen Design

The contemporary kitchen style design is spacious, minimalistic, & strong. With this modern style design, less is truly more! The contemporary style is focused more on spaciousness. With this style, you will not see extravagantly scalloped trim or traditional curves. Interior designers and kitchen remodelers like to think of smooth lines, planes, profiles, & sharp angles. The contemporary kitchen is all about celebrating the natural lighting, unadorned floors, spaciousness, and geometric forms.

You can find great countertop options to compliment this modern design in your home. Whether you want granite, marble or quartz for your kitchen, when you choose BC Stone you will be provided with the variety you seek. Our kitchen remodeling professionals will guide on your journey to improving your kitchen. In the end, the objective is to take a design and make it uniquely yours! If you yearn for a spacious & airy home with the right amount of fuss & organization then the modern style is for you!


The traditional, transitional, and contemporary kitchen designs are all great styles that will enhance the appearance of your home. Whether you are looking for a cozy, serene, or spacious atmosphere in your home, the Pittsburgh kitchen remodeling experts are here to help you. We have a variety of countertop materials, colors, designs, styles, and brands to choose from. We invite you to our showroom to see our beautiful displays! For more related content be sure to check out the blog. Contact us today to get started! Phone: (814) 652-2397

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