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Easy Remodels To Tackle This Season With BC Stone!

BC Stone Shares Some Easy Remodels This Season

BC Stone is tackling some of the coolest projects in the city! If you know anything about BC Stone, its that we are the best Pittsburgh bathroom remodeling professionals with over 25 years of experience under our belts. Even though we are great with bathroom remodels, our talent doesn’t end there!  In fact, BC Stone works with all types of remodels from bathrooms to outdoor kitchens, fireplace surrounds and more. Our products have been perfected and our services are simply unrivaled. Our 25 years of experience have given us the perfect opportunity to bring the residents of Pittsburgh the quality they seek! Our countertops are known to be the best in Pittsburgh and in the surrounding cities. Our team of fabricators will leave you with a countertop that is intricately detailed and sublimely beautiful.

There are so many ways that one can improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their home. The different types of remodels to consider are endless. This means you do not have to solely focus on the kitchen renovations but you can get a little creative with your home improvements. Follow along with BC Stone and check out these super easy home remodels that changed the game.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Many people love the idea of having an outdoor kitchen because they can provide space for gatherings and family events. Its the perfect way to get your family together to create some of the craziest and most memorable moments that will last you a lifetime! An outdoor kitchen is the perfect all year round space, especially during for the summer and spring seasons. Whether you are a grill master or an entertainer, an outdoor kitchen is a great investment for anyone looking for a good time.

Compact surfaces and natural stone are great materials for outdoor kitchens because they can withstand the elements of nature. However, porous stones like limestone and marble may look great but they can stain easily, so you may be left with countertops marred by wine or grease. Ask about the beautiful and timeless natural stone countertops. You can choose from the large selection of countertop materials when you hire BC Stone. So come on out and let’s get you started on your remodel.

Wet Bar Countertops

There is a saying that goes “dogs are a man’s best friend”, but at BC Stone, we believe wet bars are! Homeowners around the world are starting to see the wet bar as a family-friendly space. Instead of only using the wet bar to serve alcoholic beverages, it can also be something like an entertainment center. The wet bar can be transformed into a family-friendly area where great memories are created. We see a lot of low countertops in wet bars because they are easier for children to reach.

You can store all kinds of yummy drinks for the kids in a mini refrigerator and store board games in the cabinets. It can be a fun place for everyone, not just for adults. The best countertops materials for wet bars are granite, marble, and quartz. These are the ideal countertop options that will help you create the luxury-themed wet bar you’ve always dreamed of. So if you’re not afraid of building a little character in your home, then this easy remodel idea is the perfect way to go.

Kitchen Countertops

The most popular remodeling project takes place in the kitchen. Let’s be honest here, its the best place in the entire house! One word probably comes to mind when thinking about the kitchen — food! Along with food comes drinks which include wine, juice, water, smoothies, etc. We personally cannot stand to see wet glass rings on beautiful kitchen countertops so we always suggest using coasters. The really neat part about remodeling the kitchen is that the countertop options are almost endless! It all comes back to your kind of lifestyle and design preferences.

For instance, quartz is popular because it doesn’t require sealing but it can be a little more pricey, especially if you’re after the more popular white-veined looks. Marble is a truly classic choice because of it’s aesthetic but you’ll have to remember that it’s on the higher end and will stain easily if it is not sealed. Granite is also a beautiful natural stone that requires sealing periodically. Your knives will also get dull fast if you don’t use a cutting board. So you see, no matter the material you choose or which fabricator you hire, you will always have to consider the pros and cons. No countertop material is perfect!

Bathroom Countertops

Next up is the bathroom. We love remodeling the kitchen and making improvements that will increase your resale value! But sometimes kitchens get more recognition than bathroom remodels. This is likely because the kitchen is a larger area where we spend a larger amount of time. Yes, kitchens are fun to remodel but bathrooms are also a perfect way to get creative and increase functionality and value within your home. Choosing the right high-quality countertops in your bathroom remodel can be loads of fun too. The objective is to focus on finding a material that is durable, water resistant, and can stand up to soap and cosmetics. The bathroom is no place for porous and easy to stain surfaces. Quartz, recycled glass, and natural stone surfaces like granite are great options. Whether you are looking to improve the guest bathroom, master bathroom, or powder room, you can find exactly what you are looking for with BC Stone. Pittsburgh bathroom remodeling professionals are here to help!

These are some of the best remodels for any homeowner that is interested in improving their home’s functionality and design appeal. The best way to get started is by simply getting started! The Pittsburgh remodeling professionals are here to help you with any remodeling endeavor you have in mind. Our goal is to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. If you are ready to get started, contact us today to schedule a visit for a live look at all of our products. For related content be sure to visit the rest of our blog. Call us today (814) 652-2397.

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