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Make Your Kitchen Countertops Shine And Sparkle

How To Make Your Kitchen Countertops Sparkle And Shine

Kitchen countertops will either make or break the interior design style of your home. Imagine walking into an elegant home and seeing their dirty and stained kitchen tops. You will probably feel disgusted and confused. How can such a gorgeous home have nasty countertops that look like they just hosted the biggest food fight of the 21st century? Well, busy lives! That’s how! But BC Stone is here to help you fix this very common issue! We know how chaotic peoples schedules can be. From taking care of the kids, to working all day, and then coming home to cook and clean. This is quite exhausting! Now, with this super fun guide, you will learn quick and easy ways to clean your kitchen countertops to make them shine and sparkle! If your counters are in need of a little TLC then follow along with the countertop experts! Here you will learn how to clean marble, quartz, and granite countertops the safe way!

clean kitchen countertopsWhy Not Just Wipe The Kitchen Countertops?

This is the “I don’t really feel like it” method! Can you just wipe down the counters and go? Well, yes. You can. But should you? No, not unless you want them to shine and sparkle! The better care you take of your kitchen countertops the longer they will last and the brighter they will shine! There is a whole lot more that goes into cleaning your kitchen tops than simply wiping them down with a random cloth and cheap cleaning products you got at the dollar store. The saying goes “you get what you pay for” which is very true, especially in this case scenario. You invested a great amount of money on your kitchen countertops and now you have to make conscious decisions on the cleaning products you use to clean them.

marble countertopsThe dollar store sells many different cleaning products but we suggest spending a few extra bucks at your local home improvement store on a high quality product that will not damage your counters. Think long term. You could get the dollar store product and spend less time and money but in the long scheme of things, you will have to suffer the potential consequences. What consequences you may ask? Well, buying an off-brand product that lacks quality and is not made specifically for your countertop material. You can save yourself tons of money on repairs by choosing a cleaning product recommended by a countertop expert and avoid staining and discoloration in the future.

how to clean laminate countertops Use Safe Cleaning Products To Clean Your Kitchen Countertops

There was a lady that needed windshield wipers and in an effort to save herself some money she went to the Dollar General, a couple of weeks later, her entire auto glass had a ton of scratches. She saved money on her windshield wipers but in the long run, she lost more money because she had to repurchase new wipers and get a windshield replacement. By spending only a few more dollars she could have avoided the damages caused by the cheap products. This story applies to your kitchen countertops as well. We encourage you to go the extra mile to find and buy a product that is safe. Do not risk damaging your kitchen tops by getting a cheap cleaning alternative. The loss is much greater my friends.

marble kitchen countertopsBC Stone has top-quality and professional recommended countertop polish, daily cleaner, and sealer solutions in stock. You can get 25% off of these products with the special code. The Granite Gold cleaning products will deep clean & protect the many types of quartz and natural stone countertops out there. So avoid costly replacement and repairs by visiting
countertop care products
To learn more about the different cleaning methods for specific countertop materials, make sure to check out our blog. If you have any questions or comments, please be sure to contact BC Stone by giving us a call at your earliest convenience. We hope you found this kitchen countertop information educational. Thank you for your visit! (814) 652-2397

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