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How To Clean Marble

How To Clean Marble Countertops

Looking for the proper way to clean marble countertops? BC Stone has created this guide to teach you everything you should know about how to clean marble counters the right way. Marble’s rich coloration and wonderful feel, make it a lovely gift for any household. This kitchen and bath countertop choice can be expensive but worth it because of its many great properties. Marble is known for its durability and for also having a delicate side. It is incredibly important to properly care for your marble counters so that they will last a very long time. Marble is essentially made out of calcium carbonate and is really sensitive to dilute acidic liquids. Acidic liquids, such as vinegar, lemon juice, lime etc. have the ability to eat away the marble’s surface creating etches. These are known as dull spots caused by dilute acid. Numerous individuals see etching as a piece of the counter’s character while others want the countertop’s top-layer to get grinded down when too much etching occurs.

Everything You Will Need When Cleaning Marble Counters

When starting off, you’ll need to remain far away from abrasive & acidic cleaners. Down below, you can find a little rundown of items you will need before you begin to clean your marble surfaces.

  • Lukewarm Water
  • Shower Container
  • Marble Stone Cleaner
  • Mild Dish Detergent
  • Soft Cloth Or Towel
  • Soft Dish Sponge

1. Marble Cleaner That Is Non-Abrasive

If you’ve decided to not utilize a marble cleaner, then that is quite alright! You can utilize a little squirt of non-abrasive dish detergent and combine it with lukewarm water inside a spraying bottle. Take this lathery water blend and start to splash down the marble surface liberally. Presently, snatch a soft towel or sponge and start to scrub gently until you see foam build up.

2. Buff The Marble Countertops

Get a really soft sponge and buff the marble top after having already scrubbed the counter. Buff until dry.

Supplies Needed For Marble Countertop Stain Removal


Removing stains found on marble counters can be an exceptionally dubious errand. It is quite useful to recognize the underlying cause of the stains. This empowers you to locate the correct cleaner to use for that particular stain. The sooner you keep an eye on the stain the less demanding it will be to evacuate it. You ought to never blend synthetic concoctions or other cleaning operators with one another. Not only would they be able to be dangerous however they can also be deadly. Before you clean you ought to dependably try out the cleaning specialist of a decision on a subtle zone so you can decide the reasonableness and make certain that it won’t harm the ledge surface. You likewise need to make sure to utilize the correct dress like defensive eyewear, gloves, and be in a very much ventilated region. Materials you will need are as follow;

  • Ammonia
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Acetone
  • Bleach
  • A Soft Fluid Cleaner
  • 12 percent Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 20 percent Hydrogen Peroxide
  • A Razor Blade
  • Lacquer Thinner
  • 0000 Steel Wool Pads
  • A Soft Sponge
  • Flour
  • Gloves
  • Defensive Eyewear
  • Pre-Blended Commercial Poultice

Oil-Based Stain

Oil-based stains, like, grease, cooking oil, cosmetics, milk etc. will make the stone obscure and should be managed by utilizing synthetic compounds. You should gently clean the countertop surface utilizing a delicate wipe or towel, a liquid cleanser with bleach, acetone, ammonia, & mineral spirits.

Biotic Stains

You can fight buildup stains utilizing a three-part family bleach with one part water and a little dash of dish cleanser all combined within a spraying bottle. Take the splash container and shower the countertop surface altogether and rehash until the point that the stain is no more. You would then be able to wash the region with water. Lastly, get the surface to dry by utilizing a dry delicate cloth.

Natural Stains

Tea, espresso, paper, organic product, tobacco, wine, & other comparable nourishment stains can be cleaned utilizing a 12 % hydrogen-peroxide mix with two or three drops of ammonia. Presently, wipe over the stain utilizing a soft cloth. Take a soggy towel and then wipe off the region. Dry the surface utilizing a chamois fabric.

Ink Stains

When you are needing to expel ink-based stains from dim counters, take a cotton swab and dunk it in acetone. Utilizing the cotton swab, apply the acetone straightforwardly onto the surface. On the off chance that you have lighter counters, you’ll need to utilize a 20 percent hydrogen peroxide mix. You will likewise require a soft cloth or material hosed with water to wipe off the buildup after the removal of the stain on your marble countertops.

1. Take anyplace between 1/4 to 1/2 of a measure of flour in a bowl and blend it with acetone (for dull shaded stone) or 20 percent hydrogen peroxide (for light stone) to shape a glue-like substance.

2. Take flour poultice and apply it to the zone with a spoon or plastic spatula. Presently cover the region with some saran wrap and press down solidly. Take a toothpick and jab a couple of gaps in the wrap and let the poultice evaporate for around 24 hours.

3. Expel and dispose of the wrap and let the poultice to keep drying. After it is totally dry you can expel it and dispose of it. In the event that despite everything you still see imprints left on your counters, you should simply rehash the procedure.

4. After the stain is totally gone, you’ll need to apply a smidgen of a neutral pH cleanser like Dove. You will utilize this to tidy the surface up. You will likewise require a delicate wipe or material hosed in water. Clean up the territory where the cleanser was and evacuate any remaining buildup.

Water Rings And Spots

You will need to buff away any watermarks utilizing a dry 0000-0000-rated steel wool cushion. This specific cushion may possibly work for any little scratches and other nicks you may discover. Greater issues will most likely need repolishing. You can avert such harms by utilizing trivets and liners.

Paint Stains

You can begin by expelling a little trickle utilizing finish more slender by spotting it on utilizing a fabric or you can likewise rub it off with an extremely sharp steel however you need to do this cautiously to keep any potential scratches at first glance. For extensive paint stains, you should utilize business paint stripper which may cause scratching and require the requirement for repolishing after the expulsion. See back guidelines when utilizing these items. After you wrap up any of the referenced items you should in every case tidy the territory up utilizing a perfect material or wipe hosed in water and ventilate the zone thereafter.

Metal Stains

Metal stains are caused by rust or press and may run from orange to dark-colored shading while bronze or copper recolors typically will seem sloppy darker or green. Every single metal stain is obstinate. You can handle metal stains utilizing poultice:

  • Take premixed commercial poultices and blend it in with water until the point when it achieves a consistency like that of nutty spread.
  • Take the blend and apply it over the stain to a thickness of around 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch. Take a plastic or wood spatula and spread the glue equitably over the stain.
  • You can cover the metal stain with saran wrap and secure the sides all around utilizing the painter’s tape. Give it a chance to sit for 24 to 48 hrs.
  • Remove the wrap and let the poultice dry as to pull the stain off of the regular stone counter.
  • After the poultice has dried to the touch, you can expel it with a wood or plastic scraper & afterward flush off the region utilizing refined water. Buff utilizing a soft towel or fabric.

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