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What is Bookmatched Stone?

Define Bookmatching

Bookmatching is when two or more slabs of stone are “opened up” and polished on the surfaces facing each other, so that they mirror each other, like an opened book creating virtually identical patterns.

How do you bookmatch stone?

To create bookmatched stone large sections of stone are brought in from a quarry and cut into slabs with specialized tools in a similar way to a bread slicer. Typically slabs are cut and laid flat ready to be polished then bundled together in the same order at the end of the process. When slabs are bookmatched instead of polishing the same side of each slabs, the slabs are alternated so they are polished on opposite sides. Then when the two bookmatched slabs are placed next to each other, they will open up like a book and show a mirror image of each other.

The best applications for bookmatched stone

Bookmatched stone creates a stunning result and commands a lot of attention. To get the maximum effect bookmatched stone is best displayed on a large area where this statement piece can be admired. Some of the more common places you may see bookmatched stone is a large kitchen island, table, feature wall or shower wall. Bookmatched stone is a work of art that allows the viewer to see patterns, shapes or even faces in its abstract design.

You want to avoid displaying bookmatched stone in small spaces where the material is interrupted by corners or appliances. The more room you have to work with when installing bookmatched stone the better!

What stones can be bookmatched?

There are some restrictions when it comes to bookmatching stone and it truly depends on the characteristics of the material. Bookmatching works best with stones that have linear patterns or plenty of movement and strong veins. Stones like marble with soft hues and flowing movement will create a stunning work of art. Vivid slabs with bright colors and high-contrast patterns offer a striking and vibrant statement.

How much does bookmatching cost?

Bookmatching stone often runs higher due to the layout restrictions. When you work with an experienced fabricator like BC Stone we can work with you to answer questions and determine that best material and layout for your  project.

Elevate your project with bookmatching

If you are looking to add a unique design element into your next kitchen or bath project, bookmatching takes the patterns of mother nature, which are gorgeous already, and creates something you can not find in any home decor store. Allow your imagination to wonder with the veining and patterns found in stone and create something you will love for years to come.

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