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Create a Natural Aesthetic in Your Home

While a pandemic brought along much-expected change, one thing we could not have predicted was the increased time spent in the kitchen. Granted, more time at home indicated more time spent in the different areas of the home, but the biggest change the pandemic brought to the home has been the different uses of a kitchen- it’s no longer a place where food is made, it’s now a gathering place. The kitchen now ranges from office area to school project work zone, to display areas.

Offer Ample Countertop Spaces

Naturally, with this increased use of the designated area, has come a growing trend in ample surface area. Homeowners are looking to make their kitchen a focal point in their home, using islands as area centers as they open up the designated kitchen space. Islands have grown ⸺ both in popularity and literally in size as homeowners place more emphasis on this part of the home.

Portray an Untouched Look with Durable Surfaces

Considering how kitchen spaces are needed more so now than before, it comes as no surprise that the aesthetic trending in the kitchen area is leaning towards a soft, natural look with plenty of attention given to the surfaces being used. “As we spend more time in our homes, colors, textures and materials that make us feel safe and comfortable – while also allowing for function – are in high demand,” comments Gwen Petter, director of design at Wilsonart in Temple, TX. “Combinations of soft, tinted whites and neutrals partnered with textiles and materials that will create a connection with nature provide a sense of calm from the unknowns around us.”

This natural aesthetic in the kitchen has pushed countertop designers to mimic nature, following an uptick in orders for earth tones, and increased demand for surfaces with nature-inspired colors and patterns. With this, more distinct veining patterns that are wider, darker, and even veining in blue hues have become popular. Collections like Caeserstone’s new Pebble collection perfectly capture this natural aesthetic homeowners are now leaning towards.

“Lower sheens will also continue to influence materials as they appear more organic and natural, and less shiny and hard. They create a softness to the eye that implies comfort, and a less “processed” material” notes Petter. In other words, natural aesthetics can come in the form of matte and honed surfaces, as opposed to polished ones. This matte appearance will help keep the kitchen soft and overall gives the kitchen a more welcoming ambiance.

Show off Bold Veining

White marble-type styles have also grown in demand as the natural aesthetic booms. Unique stand-out veining in some of these slabs makes for natural boldness without necessarily screaming for attention. Quartz slabs like Calacatta Luccia or Calacatta Venice add this desired natural element to a kitchen, while maintaining the need for worry-free upkeep. Quartz countertops have become the leading choice for countertop surfaces due to their increased durability, low maintenance and wide range of design options.

BC Stone is proud to keep up with the trends. We offer multiple styles to match the natural aesthetic you’re looking for, and we even allow for 12-month financing in order for you to make your dream kitchen a reality. Contact us for more information as you start your next home project.

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