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Tips on Preparing For a Renovation

Most homeowners spend hours searching through photos of extravagant kitchens and bathrooms but just can’t bring themselves to commit to the cost of a renovation.

When completed properly, a home renovation can have a huge impact on your daily activities and improve your quality of life. Renovations can create a space that allows more family time and helps you relax, even with the obstacles life may throw at you. Deciding to renovate takes a lot of time, energy and money so it is important to plan ahead to make sure it is well spent.

Preparing for a home renovation, whether its your kitchen or bath, may at first seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be with the proper preparation. Here are a few tips on how to navigate the preparation process of renovating your kitchen or bath and why it’s worth it!

two tone countertops

Finding a fabricator

When searching for a stone fabricator to help you with renovating your kitchen and bath, it’s important to ask about the history and experience that the company has. Another great way to find a stone fabricator is through friends and family, working with a company that has previously helped someone you know can give you the comfort and confidence you need during a renovation. Also, think back to if you have previously worked with a company on a smaller home improvement project. You might already have a connection without even realizing it!

Putting together a budget

When putting together a project it’s important to get your priorities in order. It’s easy to get lost in all the Pinterest inspiration photos and put together your dream kitchen or bathroom but there are a range of factors that will affect the look and cost of your countertops, including material type and slab size.

Get to know your stone fabricator and find one that you trust. Discuss your plans and bring pictures of the space so they can identify any challenges that may occur.

Tracking your expenses in a spreadsheet is a great way to manage your budget as well. Once you set your budget and know the pricing for material, installation and other expenses of the renovation you can plan your overall budget. List all your expenses in your spreadsheet so that you stay within your budget and account for any unexpected issues that might arise.

Are renovations really worth it?

There are many benefits that come with home improvement. One being that renovating your kitchen or bathroom with new countertops can add higher resale value to your home. A modern kitchen is one the first things that prospective homeowners pay attention to when purchasing. The investment of a small renovation can ultimately increase the purchase price of your home resulting in money well spent!

Not only does a renovation increase the value of your home, but also can increase the quality of your life, which you can’t put a price tag on. Consider the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, whether its prepping for a meal or just gathering around the table with friends to catch up. If you and your loved ones feel more content and at home walking into a space with sturdy new countertops, then it’s safe to say a renovation is worth the investment!

Our team would love to help you with you next kitchen or bath renovation! For more information, visit our website our contact us! Visit our blog for more information on countertops, the renovation project and design trends!

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