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Granite VS Silestone: Find Out Who Wins The Countertop War

Granite VS Silestone? Today we put these products head to head. Everything you have ever wondered about regarding the many differences between very popular granite countertops and Silestone, one of the world’s leading quartz suppliers. The list of differences between quartz and granite is probably going to surprise you!

1. You Don’t Need To Seal Silestone

Sealing is a method used on porous countertops to prevent any liquids from absorbing and staining the natural stone. Sealing is also used to prevent bacteria build up on your countertops. With different natural stones such as granite, you will need to seal your countertops because they are porous by nature. A porous stone has many cracks and pores that unfortunately cannot be seen by the naked eye that soak up any spills and bacteria like a sponge. Porous stones need to be sealed annually to prevent any of this from happening. Since Silestone countertops are nonporous, sealing is not something you even need to worry about. Point for Silestone!

2. Natural or Man-Made Countertops?

Granite: It is no secret that some countertops are actually man-made. While there are many benefits that come with an engineered countertop, many homeowners prefer to go with more natural options. If you are looking for natural countertops then granite is a perfect choice for you! Granite is an igneous rock that is quarried straight from the planet in very large blocks then cut into slabs and fabricated into the countertops you see in your home.


If you are more interested in getting engineered stone countertops then Silestone is the choice for you! Quartz is created from quartz minerals and resin that is made up of different dyes to give it it’s unique and stylish look. Although the quartz portion of the countertop is, in fact, natural, do not be mislead into thinking that your countertop is 100% stone.

3. High Temperatures Will Char And Burn Quartz Stone

The resin found in quartz or Silestone, unfortunately, cannot withstand extremely high temperatures. Putting a hot pan or pot on its surface will risk burning or damaging the countertop. We have heard a fair share of horror stories about crock pots causing burn rings on a quartz surface but never have we seen Silestone, specifically. This is a problem that you will not have to face or worry about when you choose granite because granite stone is made forged in fire, literally. You could place nearly anything on your granite tops and they will be just fine. Go, granite!

4. Repair Granite Chips, Cracks, and Stains because it’s Easier Than Repairing Quartz

In the kitchen, it is very common for accidents to occur and that is why we must be prepared at all times. Having the right information on how to care for your granite or Silestone countertops is incredibly important. Sometimes we are in a hurry to get things done and we may occasionally drop a pan or a pot causing the countertop to chip. If you have granite countertops then you have no reason to freak out.

Granite countertops are easily repairable. You can make a trip to a home improvement store near you and pick up a repair kit for your granite tops. You can take some epoxy and fill the chip with it and it will hardly be noticeable if at all. Silestone, on the other hand, is not quite as easy to repair as granite. We suggest getting an expert to take care of any repairing issues when it comes to Silestone. In this case, granite wins the point.

5. Silestone Costs More Than Granite Stone

Depending on where you go to purchase your Silestone countertops, and the design you choose, the prices will not always be the same. Prices vary from company to company but most of the time you will find that Silestone can be slightly more expensive than granite.

The price of granite per square foot is less than that of quartz but there are some instances where more exotic granites overlap with quartz pricing. The granite vs Silestone war does not have a direct effect on the affordable prices offered at NSMotif. We will always provide you with top-quality and reasonable prices. In this case, though, we’ll have to give the point to granite! Sorry, Silestone!

6. Granite Counters Do Not Fade In Direct Sunlight

Not many people know about the effects that direct sunlight will have on countertops. UV rays will fade pretty much any brand of quartz stone because of the resin component, and we are saddened to say that Silestone is not an exception to this. With only a few weeks of exposure to UV light, the dark colors will begin to lighten up and if you have white countertops they will most likely start to turn yellow. Why does this happen you might ask? Well, it is because UV light and the pigments used to add the color to the resin do not gel well together. Another point for team granite!

 7. Its Much Harder To Stain Silestone Countertops

There are times when we are in the kitchen having a cook-off with ourselves and spills and splatters occur. When you are in the middle of preparing that super tasty meal for you and your loved ones, you probably won’t stop just to wipe off your counters when something gets on them. Stains that are left on the countertop for too long will absorb into the stone. Silestone quartz countertops are great because this is not something you have to stress out over. Why not? Well, we are not by any means saying you should just let the stains sit there forever but with quartz, you can let them hang out a bit longer before wiping them completely off. Another point for Silestone!

8. Wide Selection

The great thing about shopping for countertops is that you can find a large variety of options. When you are looking for the perfect countertop choice that will complement the theme and design of your kitchen, you should look for local fabricators. If you are in the Everett, PA or surrounding cities nearby, you should come visit the BC Stone showroom. You can check out all the beautiful patterns and colors that we have available for you. Our elegant kitchen and bath surfaces are truly a sight to see. You will always have the option of going with one of the latest countertop offerings when you choose to work with the Pennsylvania countertop experts at BC Stone. The process of choosing and purchasing is the most fun and exciting part of it all. You can take your time and tour the many different styles and designs that we have in our showroom. Regardless of the countertop you choose, you will find the variety you seek when you choose BC Stone.

9. Cost

What is the cost? This is one of the most important and common questions that every builder, contractor, homeowner, and interior designer wants to know. We understand how significant the cost is when you are looking to invest in new countertops. The overall price can make or break your decision about which company or fabricator you choose. This is why we have made it our mission to provide our customers with competitive prices around Everett, Pennsylvania. So if you are a resident of any of the surrounding cities than come on down and visit our showroom. You will be paired up with one of our project managers who will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions.

10. Quartz Stone is Maintenance Free

One of the top deciding factors in choosing granite vs Silestone certainly comes down to how much maintenance is required. The amount of potential issues also plays a major role. This is why people will search for countertops that withstand different elements such as high temperatures, scratches, and stains. If you are wanting to keep your kitchen countertops looking their very best than a tiny bit of maintenance is the answer. This is important no matter which material you choose. Simple soap and water wipedowns can go a long way. However, Silestone is the winner because it is a countertop that is nonporous and easily resists stains and spills. The reason why people find it hard to choose between granite and quartz is because they are both extremely durable countertop materials. They both have the ability to last you a lifetime with the right love and care. People will usually think about the porous and nonporous qualities in order to make a final decision because granite and quartz are truly that great!

Well, there you have it, folks! The differences between granite and Silestone countertops for your kitchen and bathrooms. Although this was a granite vs Silestone war and we were supposed to choose a winner, it is rather hard to do so because both are extremely awesome countertop options! You simply cannot go wrong with either of them! We hope you found this article helpful, interesting, and fun! For more related content be sure to visit the countertop blog. For comments, questions, or concerns, contact us today to speak with an expert!

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