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Top Trending Granites For Fall 2020

The holiday season is in full effect! Are you dreaming of white, pumpkin spice, and maybe even new countertops?

During the holidays people spend hours in the kitchen catching up with loved ones, putting on classic holiday movies and most importantly, munching on your favorite snacks and treats. Since a lot of our time is spent in the kitchen, why not gift yourself with an early present and update your kitchen countertops with one of our top trending granite colors of Fall 2020?

Fantasy Brown Granite

Fantasy Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop

Fantasy Brown granite is filled with dreamy neutrals that many of us love for the Fall season. This granite has the perfect mix of shades of brown and gray that pop against the white background. Each slab of Fantasy Brown granite is unique, you may even find small black specks throughout the material. We recommend making an appointment to visit our showroom and view Fantasy Brown granite in person so you can handpick your unique slab.

Design tip: Pair Fantasy Brown granite with white or beige cabinetry for the perfect combination!

As many natural stones do, Uba Tuba granite can have a range of color variation amongst each slab. One thing that remains the same though is the beauty and of popularity of Uba Tuba granite! With it’s dark green hue, Uba Tuba is accented by flecks of colors inlcuding green, black, gold, brown, white and blue.

Design Tip: Pair Uba Tuba granite with dark cabinets to create the perfect vintage feel!

Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba Granite

Black Pearl Granite

A blend of black and gray, Black Pearl granite has traces of gold, silver, brown, and green. Black Pearl granite gives you the perfect Fall color palette to pull from and accentuate by paring it with the perfect home decor. Install this material in your home and see the metallic mineral deposits in Black Pearl granite create a stunning, exotic feel to your space when it catches the light!

If you thought dark countertops were boring, Blue Pearl granite will have you second guessing that statement! Blue Pearl granite is a mix of black and dark gray with subtle hints of navy blue. Not only is this granite material beautiful but it has a hard mineral composition making it extremely resistant. With Blue Pearl granite you won’t have to fear wearing down your beautiful new countertops when you are cooking up those delicious holiday dishes!

Design tip: Pair Blue Pearl granite countertops with bright white cabinetry to bring out the colors in this material and make them pop!

Blue Pearl Granite

blue pearl granite

Moon White Granite

This primarily white stone contains bright silver, burgundy and bold black flecks that speckle and swirl to create mesmerizing patterns in this light granite. Moon White granite blends well with all interiors and design features in bathrooms, kitchens, and even outdoor spaces!

Design tip: Pair Moon White granite with white cabinets and classic subway tile for a clean, modern look.

Are you interested in learning more about Fantasy Brown, Uba Tuba, Black Pearl, Blue Pearl or Moon White granite? Contact or visit us today! Our knowledgeable team would love to answer any of your questions or concerns! Don’t forget, BC Stone now offers special financing so you can treat yourself (and your wallet) this holiday season with convenient monthly payments for your budget.

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