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Understanding the Countertop Installation Process

What to Expect During Your Countertop Installation Process

Starting a new countertop project can be stressful. When shopping for a new countertop surface, it’s important to understand the steps included in the installation process to prepare fully for what lies ahead. When you choose to purchase new countertops and visit us at BC Stone, you will have the opportunity to look at various countertop materials and design options. With the help of one of our experienced countertop experts, we’ll make the process easy and fun!

We know your design project is an investment and we want to ensure that each client receives the red-carpet treatment. In this blog, we’ll go through the process of how professional countertop installations work and guide you through the process to help you prepare for you dream countertops.


At our Everett, PA countertop showroom we have a large selection of countertop products to choose from such as granite, marble, quartz and other surfacing materials to fit any style. After choosing the material that best suits your space, we’ll work with you to create an estimate for your unique project. Upon review, you’ll sign a contract that guarantees your materials, products and installation scheduling.

In order to cut your selected slab to the right size that will fit perfectly on top of your cabinets, we first have to create a template. During your select template date, our skilled technicians will come to your home to precisely measure for your new countertops.



Your template will then be digitalized and any adjustments will be made. Your selected material is then cut with our state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise detail and accuracy. Once cut, the countertop material is edged, polished and quality checked.

The day you have been waiting for is finally here! Our highly experienced installation team will arrive at your home during the specified time to safely install your countertops and review important information regarding the care of your new surface.


Ready to Start Your Countertop Project?

The amount of time it takes for professional countertop installation will depend on the size of your project, edge details and material. It will also depend on your space, accessibility and if they’ll need to disassemble and removal your old countertops.

Your countertops are an investment that deserve quality installation. Visit our showroom in Bedford County to further discuss how BC Stone can make your new countertop purchase stress-free from beginning to end!

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