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How to Match a Backsplash with Kitchen Cabinets

Have you recently decided to undertake the home improvement project of cabinet refinishing and you are now trying to decide on a backsplash? Typically, countertops dictate the color of the backsplash but everything must flow in the kitchen to look fantastic so you should never underestimate the importance of also matching the kitchen cabinets.

Should the Backsplash Match the Kitchen Cabinets?

When designing a kitchen, the largest part of the budget and the focal points are often the countertop and the cabinets. However, the kitchen backsplash plays a key role in the makeover.

The style of cabinets matters when making a choice and should match the backsplash to create fluidity whether with contrast or matching.

Matching the Backsplash with the Cabinets

If you opt to go with Scandinavian cabinet refinishing then pick a simple backsplash (perhaps a subway tile design). A stone tile always looks fantastic with traditional kitchen cabinets, especially if you use the colors of the cabinets to highlight the backsplash area.

two tone countertops

Creating Contrast with the Cabinets

Contrast is not for everyone but for those who want to make a bold and memorable statement. A high contrast backsplash combined with two-tone cabinets or a boldly painted cabinet island is an exciting way to create tones within your kitchen. Opposite hues attract and make a high impact. Go with black and white or try beige with red. Choose from straights and curves in the backsplash to create a feeling of design tension without appearing disjointed.

Neutral Hues

Neutral hues are classic. Everything ties together. Also, such colors rarely lose their appeal and timeless charm. You can opt for lighter cabinets with a slightly darker backsplash and countertop or vice versa. You can pick kitchen decor items in bright shades so that they pop next to the backdrop of the neutral kitchen. Go with whites, beiges, soft grey, light blues, or even a mellow yellow.

Two-Toned Color Trends

For vibrancy, go with a two-tone kitchen cabinet palette that matches the backsplash and then paint the island a different color. Remember, you want to pick colors that tie the kitchen cabinets’ woodwork to the backsplash while making the island a stand-alone highlight. The island will become a focal point and encourage anyone who enters the room to congregate around the island’s expanse.

Chic and Contemporary

If your kitchen has a traditional style then two-tone cabinets breathe life into the dull space. You want to create variation between moderate and traditional styles. Pick one color for the lower cabinets and one color for the upper cabinets. The backsplash and the countertop will become the area of transition and should boast a third color that matches somewhat to both the upper and the lower cabinets.

granite kitchen countertops

Shapes and Patterns

If you want to have fun then why not experiment with shapes and patterns?  Mosaic backsplash tiles are exceedingly popular right now. You can choose from a variety of colors and shades that coordinate not only with your newly refinished cabinets but also with your countertops, appliances, and any other color elements in the room. Shapes and patterns are a great way to make the space feel more custom and personal.

Laying Tile Vertically or Horizontally

If you go with a tile backsplash then remember the shape and orientation matter. A recent trend has emerged to hang the tile vertically instead of horizontally. When the tile backsplash is vertical, it emphasizes the ceiling’s height dramatically and is an excellent way to make a small kitchen appear larger. Another option is to use a herringbone pattern and then place the tile at an angle. You should play around with the orientation of the tile backsplash to decide which way looks best with your cabinets and countertops.

Designing Accents Between the Cabinets and the Backsplash

If you have picked the perfect backsplash above your countertop then it’s time to give the area above the stove special consideration. You can consider the region over the stove a canvas where you can create something truly stand out stunning. If your backsplash is faux brick then you could pick a herringbone pattern with brick as a square border for space above the stove. You can also choose a mosaic, patterned tile, or a tile picture to match your cabinets and the other corners of the kitchen. Small changes like the backsplash above the stove personalize space and make it not only seem like home but also memorable.


Grout Matters on a Backsplash

When planning your kitchen remodel, think about the color of the grout between the tiles. If you have white subway tiles then you could pick a colored grout instead of a white. Yes, white grout will make the tiles appear seamless but grout colors that match your cabinet refinishing can truly pull the space together to create uniformity.

Creating a Backsplash Budget

Typically, the base price for a backsplash starts at $5 per square foot and then slowly increases depending on the type of tile used. Glass or stone tiles are a great affordable option that looks upscale but won’t break the bank.

Combining a new backsplash with cabinet refinishing can breathe new life into a dull or drab kitchen. It’s a superb way to provide a facelift on a budget. The room will feel rejuvenated and it will seem like you have completely remodeled your entire kitchen with truly little work or cost.

If you really want to take your kitchen updates to their full potential, installing new granite or quartz countertops is the way to do it. There are hundreds of beautiful stone options to choose from that can complement the look of your refinished cabinets and backsplash selection. Contact or visit BC Stone for professional expertise on kitchen remodeling.

You can also find additional creative direction on ways to renovate your home, countertop information and more by visiting our blog!

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