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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Natural Stone

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and natural stone can turn this hub into a beautiful gathering space for friends and family. What once was just a luxurious upgrade, the popularity of natural stone has allowed this feature to become more affordable for homeowners! Natural stone lasts a lifetime when properly cared for. Its durability can stand up to a well-lived life and busy household. Natural stone also comes in a variety of colors and styles which makes it more than just a countertop, it’s also a decor piece.


When you visit our showroom we aim to find the stone that will work best for you. Today we will share five things to consider that will help you choose your best options depending on lifestyle and budget preferences.

How will my lifestyle affect my choice of stone?

Your lifestyle is a big factor when it comes to your choice of stone. When you visit our showroom to browse our selection the goal is to understand the dynamics of your household and where the stone will be placed. Often granite is a great place to start due to its unmatched durability and variety of colors. If the area you plan on installing the stone is prone to spills and splatters or if you have children and enterain a lot we may recommend a mid to darker color to minimize the risk of staining.

What kind of commitment does natural stone require?

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance we highly recommend dealing your natural stone countertops anually. One of our countertop specialist can provide more information about sealing and recommend the proper care. If you’re ever in doubt on when is the proper time to seal your countertops, we have a quick test you can do! Simply place a small drop of water on a highly used area of your countertop and if the water is absorbed then it’s time to reseal.

What kind of maintenance and care does natural stone require?

Natural stone often gets the reputation of being indestructible which is not true. Natural stone will only last a lifetime if the material receives the proper care. We strive to match the right material to your comfort level of maintenance so that you’ll be happy with choice for the years to come.

Most stone surfaces can be cleaned with a soap made for natural stone or a mild liquid detergent. Some types of natural stone such as marble require a little extra love and attention.

At BC Stone we offer a great granite and quartz countertop care program. By spending just a little extra, you can protect your stone countertop investment for years to come. You can learn more about our Granite Gold® Granite & Quartz Countertop Protection Plan here.

What’s next after selecting a type of stone?

After you have found the right type of stone that fits your lifestyle you will choose a specific slab to work with. Natural stone is unique and each slab can have different veining, pattern and color so it is important that you choose the slab you want for your project.

What finish do you choose for your countertop?

Natural stone comes in a variety of finishes, and each offers its advantages. Polished is a more popular choice and a little bit easier to keep looking as nice as install day. But we always encourage you to pick the finish you will be happy with the look every time you walk into the room!

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