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Marble Stone

Quality Marble Stone Countertops Everett Pennsylvania

Marble stone is a natural rock that has been used all through out our history to build some of the most memorable landmarks the world has seen. Marble stone is actually created when limestone is subject to a large amount of pressure and heat through the process of metamorphism. This is very beneficial to the homebuyer because this metamorphic rock stands strong against high temperatures. After undergoing these conditions, marble will then be cut into slab pieces and quarried. Limestone & marble fabricators from around the world use this beautiful stone to create masterpieces that people will show off.

Within the construction industry it can be fairly easy to get overwhelmed with the variety of marble stone. You will often hear people talk about quartz and granite but marble is another outstanding countertop option to consider. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom, this gorgeous rock will make all the difference. The truth of the matter is that marble brings about an endless amount of advantages and benefits that make it very hard to turn away from. Follow Along with the countertop experts at BC Stone to learn all about the qualities of this stone.

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1. Marble Comes From Limestone

Marble and limestone are some of the most widely used natural stones in the whole planet. These two countertops stones are used to fabricate kitchen countertops, columns, flooring, door surrounds, fireplaces, fountains, sinks, kitchen hoods, bathroom countertops, islands, back splashes, stairs, & so many more pieces for the home. Regardless of this, a lot of people do not know that marble stone is created within our beautiful planet by putting great pressure & heat on limestone, causing it to undergo its metamorphic process. Different stones are formed through the process that includes high heat & pressure; marble is no exception to this rule.

2. Marble’s Versatility

A lot people are not aware that marble stone can be used for many different purposes other than construction. In fact, many cultures use a fine marble powder to make glue and even toothpaste. Since marble stone is so versatile, it has many different uses, cementing it as one of the easiest stones to use. This is one of the most versatile natural stones out there. You can do so much with to improve your residential and commercial property. This being the main reason why it is in such high demand.

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3. Low Maintenance & Naturally Cool

If you are interested in cooling down the look of your interior design then you may consider adding marble flooring or walls to your home. One great quality of marble stone is that it is naturally cooler than other stones. It will also easily absorb light which makes it quite easy to temper the feel of the home. The maintenance required is one of the main advantages that people love about marble. Waxing your marble countertops periodically will seal out the moisture that may potentially end up damaging them in the long run.

4. Utility Countertop

It is no secret that homeowners seek to add a beautiful countertop to improve the style and design of their home. However, many do not think about the utility that granite and limestone cannot afford. With marble this will not be an issue. Due to the simple fact that marble was made under intense heat and pressure, it is a great countertop choice if you desire a material that is heat resistant. You can take your hot pans and place them directly on its surface without worrying about damaging you counters. Nevertheless, we encourage you to still use place mats to be on the safe side.

Caring And Maintaining Marble Stone

Marble stone tops come with a little more maintenance due to the way they were formed. Marble is soft and porous, in comparison to alternative countertop materials. However, this does not particularly mean that you should turn away. Marble is still a leading countertop material that was made to last in the home. The care and maintenance it requires is not too extreme so you should not worry.

Combating the natural porous qualities of marble is not entirely difficult. You must simply remember to seal your countertops to avoid any moisture or wetness from spills getting absorbed in to the stone. Beyond the process of sealing, all you must do is check the sealant to make sure it is still good to go. This only has to be done a couple of times a year. You can do the water test to check and see whether your counters need to be sealed again. Simply take some water and spill it on your countertops then look to see if it was repelled or absorbed. If the water was absorbed then this means it is time for a little TLC.

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