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Kitchen Remodeling In Indiana

At Lentz Kitchen & Bath, we create spaces that integrate your lifestyle, your taste, and your budget. Our family-owned business is dedicated to providing creative designs, expert installation, and aging-in-place planning.

The Best Granite Countertops And Cabinets In Indiana

As a BC Stone Preferred Partner, we provide professional and responsive service by helping guide you through every aspect of your new or remodel project. We carry the most popular countertop materials from granite and quartz, to solid surface and laminate.

Get 5% off current Lentz advertised discounts, simply mention BC Stone when choosing your marble, granite, or quartz countertops.



Inspiration And Selection With Lentz Kitchen And Bath

Our group of experienced remodelers, designers, & installation professionals have been providing a new look to bathrooms and kitchens in the cities in and around Indiana, Jefferson, Armstrong, & Westmoreland the surrounding counties for over thirty years. We encourage you to come out and visit our beautiful showrooms in Indiana & Ford City. By visiting our showrooms you can get a closer look at the products that we have to offer!

Remodel Your Bathroom And Kitchen With Our Help

Lenz Kitchen And Bath have been designing kitchens for many years. We modernize your kitchen remodeling and work according to your unique style and budget frame. We offer all that you need in order to create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing kitchen for your residence. Products we sell include but are not limited to cabinets, flooring to tile, fixtures and faucets, countertops, lighting and so much more. Our high-quality cabinet collections range from custom furniture grade to affordable introductory lines. If you are looking for expert contractors to install your cabinets or countertops then look no further. BC Stone and Lenz Kitchen And Bath are the top providers in the game.

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