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New year new me? How about new year, new upgrades! BC Stone is a top stone fabricator that understands quality in products and services. We have always loved everything about the countertop industry! We decided to make our passion our reality! After 25 years of working in the industry, we were given many opportunities to perfect our craft. We had to buckle down and come up with a strategy that would separate us from the rest of the stone companies in the area. After a few cups of coffee and countless hours working and planning, we finally came up with a plan! Our strategy is very simple yet so complex but it is the reason we shine so bright! The goal, the mission, the focus, is… YOU! We are here to serve you and bring you the best quality services and products you could ever imagine! You are the top priority at BC Stone, my friend! We value you and will go above and beyond to make sure your experience with BC Stone is memorable! So come on out to our showroom and sit with one of our project managers. They will guide you through the process and give you a tour of our beautiful displays!


Thinking about adding to the aesthetic of your home? You can enhance the beauty and value of your property at the same time. Team up with the BC Stone experts to improve your interior design! We are the leading stone fabricators in the city, offering 25+ years worth of quality products and services. Modernize your home with our help! You can start by visiting our showroom today!

kitchen remodeling
bathroom remodeling


Come see the different countertop styles and designs that we have available in our showroom! Get a little bit of inspiration for your remodeling project by checking out our beautiful displays today! If you are having trouble choosing between granite, marble, and quartz, one of our specialists will happily explain the pros, cons, and differences of each one. Don’t put off your kitchen upgrades anymore, we have your back every step of the way. If our experience has not convinced you yet, you can check out some of our past projects! We work on commercial and residential properties so do not worry about the size of your project. We will work through it!


Our stone specialists have created masterpieces that have left our past customers all over Pennsylvania speechless. We are here to revolutionize kitchen remodeling, by making it easier and more affordable than ever before. The cost of such an investment is a determining factor for many. This is why we offer our customers great prices all across the state of Pennsylvania. We want to make this process as smooth as possible for you. So come on out today and sit down with one of our project managers so they can help you get started.

BC Stone Granite Countertops PA


When it comes to the common applications of kitchen countertops, stone fabrication… vanities and flooring always come to mind. At BC Stone®, our team strongly believes that gorgeous stone can give interest & even grandeur in other creative ways. We have been applying artistic finesse & expertise to unique projects since the very beginning. We have created many works of art from stone by utilizing water jet cutting and laser etching. Have an idea for something not described below? Let us know. We welcome the opportunity to explore the possibilities. BC Stone offers a variety of the following:

Quartz Stone

Marble Stone

Granite Stone

Recycled Glass Countertops

Custom Table Tops

Architectural Detailing

Ornate Flooring, Decorative Door Trimming, Stairwell Banisters, Stone Slab Walls, Elaborate Tile Inserts

Bath & Powder Rooms

Shower Walls and Floors, Tub Decks, and Mirror Framing.

table tops for sale

Table Tops

Buffets, Coffee and Sofa Tables, Conference Room Tables, Lobby and Waiting Room Furniture, Office Desks, Restaurant Tables, and Bars.

Fire Places

Mantels, Full Surrounds, Over-mantels and Hearths.


Patio Floors, Pool Decks, Barbecues, Entries and Decorative Columns.

Photo - Etching

Intricate images from your photo etched into your stone project.

Home Improvement

We understand that your reputation is at stake every time you engage BC Stone® to work on a project with your clients, whether it be directly or as part of your team. We take that commitment – and your trust in us – very seriously. We consider it a privilege that companies who take great pride in delivering exceptional service to their customers want us to partner with them.

Clients & Projects

Owners Rodney Bair and Travis Collins each bring more than 25 years of experience to their business. Both worked as stone fabricators and artists in the Baltimore area before beginning their own company in Everett, Pennsylvania in 1993. Current and previous commercial clients include:

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